4 Super-Effective Ways To Attract New Patients Just Using Facebook

Checking Facebook has become a part of the daily routine for most people. We use it to keep in contact with friends, to read the news, and even to see what our favourite businesses are doing. Did you know 72% of adults who are online visit Facebook at least once a month? Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world by far, and easily the most important one for dentists.

Facebook has also taken on a new role of helping small businesses in the healthcare industry attract new patients. But how can Facebook do this and how can it help your dental practice?

Imagine this: A potential new patient in your area is looking for a new dentist. The person checks your website and then heads to your Facebook page. What does the person see? A great Facebook page can instil confidence in new patients and help you stay in touch with old ones. Facebook can also make it easier for people to find you online in the first place.


So below are 4 simple way to attract new Patients Just Using Facebook.

1. Have a Facebook Presence


The first thing you need to do is to be on Facebook. You can’t tap into the over 1 BILLION users without setting up a business page to represent your dental practice. Having a page is only the start; you then need to make your page discoverable and recognizable. For example, using your logo as your profile image will instantly make your page memorable and distinguishable each time you post because the profile image appears next to all your posts. Use similar branding to your website to make it clear what your page represents. Use keywords when completing the “About” section and make it clear what your dental practice offers.


2. Reach the People


Now, if I were to come into your office one day as a salesman and say, “I have a way for you to advertise to local people and they will receive your content on your phones,” would it sound too good to be true? Surely it would be something that would make you stop and say, “Wow! That could bring in so many new patients.”

Well, that tool does exist! It is called Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allow your dental practice to reach your exact target audience with information, offers, or any type of content via desktop, tablet, or mobile. Pretty powerful stuff! These ads are still very affordable for small businesses and Facebook provides a lot of help if you are not sure how to create ads.


3. Word of Mouth


Another powerful way to attract new patients through Facebook is by using word of mouth marketing. This can be achieved by posting regular content on Facebook that catches the imagination of your current audience so that they will want to share it with their friends (or potential new patients).

When creating this type of content consider these questions:

  • Would people be interested and comfortable sharing this post?
  • Does this help my fans be perceived as funny, helpful, or “in the know”?
  • If my fans were to share this post, would it make them look good in the eyes of their friends or fans?
  • Am I giving my audience something of value to pass on?
  • Would I stop while scanning the news feed to check this out?

If you make awesome and shareable content then your current Facebook audience turns into a free promotional tool for your business.

Just a side point, Facebook reviews are now second only to Google as people’s choice for leaving online reviews – so encourage your patients to say how much they love you on Facebook. Each time they do, they promote your dental practice.

4. Be the Leader


Facebook is a great place to start when attracting new patients. It is a great platform for increasing awareness, showcasing what you can do, and highlighting the human side of your practice.

Therefore, you need to follow up!

Continue to produce quality content and to develop a relationship with your audience, but also use Facebook to send people over to your website and blog. Try using fun tactics like contests to increase your email list then send out newsletters or special offers via email.

There is so much more to Facebook. It can be an amazing tool for growing your dental practice especially attracting new patients. Facebook is one of those tools where you get out what you put in. So, create a regular posting schedule, share quality content, try using Facebook Ads, and don’t forget to make your page look pretty too.


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