Tips to prepare oral health budget for your family

2017 was welcomed with a boom!! It is only 3 months into the New Year and for many, self-improvement resolutions are already a distant memory.

As it is financial year ending in March, it’s time to think about the dental health budget of your family! Although common resolutions focus on making better decisions about spending, health, and fitness the budget constraints can derail even the best efforts.

As it has been observed the dental care is the type of healthcare that people are most likely to skip for budgetary reasons especially in foreign countries.


Gum infections and tooth decay, the latter being the world’s most prevalent chronic disease, have been linked to serious health conditions like cardiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy complications, etc. A large portion of the population goes without preventive dental care because they can’t afford it

Tips to reduce the cost of dental care:

  • Explore local low-cost/no-cost dental care options, such as dental community clinics, school clinics, and accessibility organizations.
  • Search the Internet for free dental events or offerings, like coupons or free check-ups i.e. back to school, Veteran’s Day.
  • Check to see if dental coverage is included as a membership perk or if a local dentist offers discounts to members.
  • Open a Health Savings Account for unexpected dental expenses
  • Neglecting teeth usually results in high future dental care costs. Filling small cavities today may save someone thousands by avoiding costly major procedures tomorrow.

How to go about Dental care for your family?

Visit IDA’s website


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