Dr. R. Ahmed A Good Samaritan to India

Dr. R. Ahmed believed that public opinion and pressure from the press can force the policy-making powers to keep to the straight and narrow path. He felt the urgent need to control the population growth of India. He said, “Compulsory primary education is the crying need of the land”. He maintained that teachers should be paid well because the best of teachers cannot give their best on empty stomach. They have the responsibility of creating worthy citizens. He maintained that without an alert, intelligent and thoughtfully citizenry, no democracy can survive. A decent society, he was sure, could not exist in his absence of respect for law and order, discipline and orderliness in every walk of life. No one should be above law was his belief. Despite growth in national income, the disparity between rich and poor had increased, He blamed Misdistribution of income generated by the Five Year plans but also made population increase partly responsible for ht e evils of poverty. Another sphere of his acute concern was National Integration. He emphasised the urgent need for the need of removal of untouchables and upliftment of the untouchable. Soon after independence he spoke to Moulana Azad, a very prominent congress leader, about forming a ministry of National Integration and he agreed, ” At the time of National crisis we may wonder whether the forces of disintegration resulting from nationwide discord and not creating fertile grounds from which political parties are reaping a good harvest”. Dr. Ahmed’s idea that the recruitments in the higher cadre of the services in all departments such as engineering, medicine, agriculture etc. Should be on all Indian basis and transferable from one state to another needs careful consideration.
Dr. R. Ahmed has not only contributed to Indian Dentistry but to the development of the INDIAN Society after its independence. He indeed followed the ideology “Perform duties without caring for any reward”
IDA Honors Dr. R. Ahmed for devoting his life for the service of Indians
Keep Reading – Dr. R. Ahmed’s Contribution to Dental Education is Coming up Next!


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