Six popular hands-on workshops to grow dental practice


Educational Training Centre (ETC) programmes for dentists, offered by Indian Dental Association (IDA) are designed to equip dentists with all essential skills and principles to expand their professional practice. The programs are tailored to meet the gap from an ordinary practice to a very successful clinical practice. Each hands-on course of IDA aims at offering contemporary key concepts of dentistry, uses research and advanced dental technology.

Take a look at the hands-on and lecture programmes designed by Indian Dental Association for dental professionals  

‘PHOTODONTICS’: Dental Photography in Practice led by Dr. Mayur Davda helps dentists to build patients’ trust through visual communication & photographs by being an integral part of comprehensive treatment plan. It is ideal for all, be it a dentistry student, hygienist, dental ceramist, dentist, dental teaching staff and is highly recommended for people who want to excel in their field. This two days weekend workshop allows dentists to earn 12 credit points.  

Certificate course in Oral Implantology – Affiliated by Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany led by Prof. Dr. Porus Turner under the direction of Prof. George Nentwig is a 5 Module comprehensive course on prosthetic restoration, offering dentists a visual exposure in the form of live surgeries and video presentation during didactics. This ten days weekend workshop allows dentists to earn 35 credit points.

Tooth Preparation: From Margin to Occlusion led by Dr. Moez Khakiani teaches all the various aspects of tooth preparation with clinical relevance, followed by demonstration on typodonts for PFM (posterior tooth) and PFZ/E max (anterior tooth). This one-day weekend workshop allows dentists to earn 5 credit points.

Occlusion & TMJ: Get them right led by Dr. Sanjay Bhawsar stresses on Occlusion as a dynamic and fundamental element in dentistry. Occlusal proportions are constantly changing and it is, therefore essential to understand and monitor the function of teeth in static and dynamic occlusion. Learn the importance of maintaining Stomatognathic System along with hands-on demonstrations. This one-day weekend workshop allows dentists to earn 5 credit points.

Emergencies in Dental Practice & Medico-Legal Aspects led by Dr. Hemant Dhusia & Dr. Vishwas Puranik talks about how life-threatening emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Such situations are more likely to be encountered in the dental clinics due to increased levels of stress and anxiety. In this course, the faculty will discuss the areas which are considered vital to a proper understanding of emergency medicine and the risk of medico-legal complications. This one-day weekend workshop allows dentists to earn 6 credit points.

LASERS in Dentistry led by Dr. Sana Farista gives the necessary knowledge and expertise in the field of soft tissue LASER therapy right from the basic to advanced LASERS. It’s a practice-based course with special emphasis on hands-on training along with patient demonstration. Here the dentists will get a chance to go through the different laser systems available from different leading manufacturers. This two-day weekend workshop allows dentists to earn 12 credit points.  

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