Journey of Dr. R. Ahmed

Indian Dental Association (IDA) passed a resolution to declare December 24th as National Dentist Day to celebrate birth anniversary of Padmabhushan Dr.  R. Ahmed, Father of Modern Indian Dentistry

A great visionary to Dentistry, Dr Rafiuddin Ahmed was born on December 24th, 1890 in Bardhanpara, East Bengal, Undivided India, Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed is remembered as the nester and Father of Modern Dentistry in India. He was born to Maulvi Safiuddin Ahmed who worked as a Deputy Collector and mother, Faizunnesha. He was the second child of the four sons and one daughter in his family.

As a young boy, Rafiuddin was sensitive, imaginative and intelligent. He had a strong will and determination that fueled his idea of not restricting himself to the limitations imposed by the society then. He was brought up in a liberal and moderately affluent home. He was sent to Dhaka Madrasa, now Collegiate School to complete his education and in 1906, at the age of sixteen, he sat for the Entrance Examination.

Soon after, he made plans to visit Singapore and Hong Kong. Since he did not have the amount of money to board the ship, he decided to pay the cost of the trip with his labour. He luckily found British India steamship S.S. Dilwara bound for Singapore and Hong Kong. On his return, his father wanted him to study at the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College at Aligarh (which elevated later into Muslim University in 1920). However, Rafiuddin was not very keen on studying at the Aligarh Muslim University.

After the passing away of his father Rafiuddin left Calcutta in 1909 for Bombay. He travelled from Bombay to the UK and further to the United States of America. He enrolled himself at the University of Iowa School Of Dentistry. He repetitively stressed the broad-mindedness of the Western education system. R. Ahmed graduated from the University of Iowa as a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1915. During the World War I, he worked at the Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children in Boston, Massachusetts until 1918. In 1919, a year after the war ended, he returned to India to open a dental practice in Calcutta.

Dr. R. Ahmed always had a sense of urgency and therefore wasted no time in pursuing what he wanted to achieve.

To know more about his achievements stay tuned with us…


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