Top 15 Dental Myth and Facts :: Part 2

The Older You Get The More Teeth You Lose


Nowadays seniors and older adults can look forward to a better oral health future than ever before. Today’s population is the first expected to keep healthy, functioning teeth for a lifetime. To do so seniors have special oral health concerns and needs which must be addressed.


Whiter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth


Healthy teeth come in a wide range of natural shades. Bright white teeth may be stylish right now, but healthy teeth will never fall out of fashion.


If gums are bleeding, brushing and flossing should not be done.


The opposite is true. Regular brushing and flossing is needed to remove plaque build-up which causes gum bleeding. Bleeding is a sign of gum brokerage, more care must be practiced to avoid harder to treat oral problems. Professional dental cleaning may be required if the bleeding persists.


Having the wisdom teeth removed will prevent crowding of the teeth.


There are very few cases when wisdom teeth cause crowding of the teeth. In many cases, they don’t, so removing them will not solve the crowding problem or will not re-straighten the teeth. If pain or discomfort is felt with the emerging wisdom teeth, a dental visit is necessary.


Brushing before the dental appointment will make the dentist not notice that regular brushing is not done since the last dental visit.

Closeup on happy young woman brushing teeth

Not following the recommended two-minute brushing twice daily will make the gums red, swollen and bleed easily, making it obvious to the dentist. There’s no way the dentist will not know that the patient is not brushing regularly.

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