How to Achieve Success in a Patient-Centric Practice Environment?

patient centric practice

While dental professionals do receive good amount of clinical knowledge during their college days, but they receive little or no business training which makes it harder for them to understand the dynamics of business when they step into the real world. Practically, situation has changed in the business environment and dentists today have to compete with other practitioners in the same area to get their share of business and grow their practice. This lack of preparation is what leads to decline in business and dental professionals often search for alternative careers that can help them survive economically. The biggest factor that makes a difference is that dentists do not understand the dynamics of patient-centric practice. Patients today are well informed and prepared with the information they can extract online related to their dental problem and various solutions that can resolve those problems. Hence, dental professionals have to take the lead and step up to ensure that other team members like panel dentists and hygienists are aware of the roadmap created for them. In a patient-centric culture, dental professionals have to ensure that the patient benefits and is happy and to make that possible the dental team must work together as one unit. So, how is it possible to achieve success in a patient-centric practice?

Share Your Practice Vision

In a patient-centric practice it is important to have a practice vision. Create a practice vision and share it with your team. This will allow you to communicate your plans and vision for the dental practice in the near future. Focus on what you’re trying to achieve and how it will help the team grow professionally. This will give them a sense of belonging and purpose. It is important that you set a realistic deadline to your vision to motivate action. Keep track of the monthly performance and revisit and evaluate it from time to time to fulfill it.

Set Realistic Goals

No vision is complete without set goals. Once you have discussed the vision of your dental practice you also need to set goals. Once you’ve decided where you want to see yourself in next few years, you also have to focus on how you will achieve your vision. While setting the goal with the team you also set certain goals for panel dentists and hygienists, so that they take it as their ‘role’ and not just as a ‘job’. You can also include their goals and communicate with them on what their expectations are and where they want to see themselves in the next few years.

Let Your Actions Speak

As the leader of your dental practice, you’re always being observed and therefore you need to demonstrate excellence right from the start. Encouragement is contagious and you can encourage your team members through your actions and how you behave. A positive attitude can create a better work environment allowing team members to feel and think positive and that will reflect in their performance as well, uplifting the performance of your dental business.

Inspire to Excel

Inspiration is essential for team success. To keep your dental practice afloat in a patient-centric culture you need to focus on building a strong team that can take on any professional challenges and setbacks. To make this possible, not just you, but your team also has to stay updated and focus on continuing education. This will help them to make proper use of efficient patient management systems, high-end latest technology and techniques and systems to drive performance.

Patient-centric practice always focuses on the welfare of the patient and as a leader you need to inspire your team to do the same motivating them to improve their performance and of the team to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.


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  1. Santosh pingale says:

    Very useful info..worth applying. .Thanks


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