Top 3 Factors that Can Improve Your Dental Practice Work Environment

dental practice work

Most dental professionals across India work for more than 40 hours per week – some more, some less. This includes seeing lots of patients, administrative time, commute time and focusing on individual continuing education time. While it seems like a dream job, being a dental professional can be a tough job especially in times when competition is cut-throat and you have to balance between serving the people and serving your financial and business needs. While dental professionals may have sources to improve the interiors of their clinic or dental office, but a lot depends on the kind of work environment that keeps them going, motivating them to perform productively and succeed. A survey by Jameson Management indicates that the practices that are the most productive are also the ones that make the most profit. These profitable practices are possible due to practice environment and relation that team members share with each other.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 3 factors that can improve your dental practice work environment.

Appreciation & Respect Your Team

Appreciation is a positive thing and it can trigger a chain of positive events. While money is the driving source for most employees, appreciation works like a bonus that encourages you and your team to excel further. Hence, when you’re working in a team or with your team few words of appreciation can do the trick and make a difference to your dental practice and business. Everybody wants to be respected. However, respect is a mutual thing and you only receive it when you give. Honour the talent and skills of your team because they work equally hard for your dental business.

Make Your Team a Part of Your Practice

Do you normally make your own decisions? Every dental business has certain issues that might be challenging at some point in time. While it may sound weird, but involving your team in decision-making will only propel your business forward. Identify the problem collectively and come up with practical solutions. Involving your team like panel dentists or dental hygienist in decision-making is critical. It works in two ways; one, it makes your team members believe that you value and consider their opinions and ideas. It also creates a bond of trust between employer and the employee. Two, you might get some brilliant feedback or suggestions that would otherwise go unheard. Similarly, you also have to involve your team when your business achieves certain goals that you had set collectively.

Be Clear About Roles & Responsibilities

A lot depends on your communication with your dental team. You might be very busy but it is important that you schedule time with your team and be very clear about your expectations, individual job descriptions, work ethics and system and how things should be handled while treating a patient. Establishing clear lines of communication as a team and as individuals will reduce the number of mistakes and disappointments and improve productivity as everyone will be aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Most dental professionals are stressed mainly because they have to manage their personal, business and patients at the same time. With the help of proper systems and clear communication and effective team work one can improve the work environment to excel and generate better profit.


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  2. Really good tips….
    In Our Dental Office we achieved same enviornment of Practice. …
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