5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Dental Practice Using YouTube Videos

YouTube Dental Practice

The dynamics of dental practice have changed considerably in the past decade with more technology advancement taking control over earlier methods to boost business. It’s a competitive world outside and therefore dental professionals and practitioners have to work extra and in a unique way to promote their dental practice. Harnessing the power of social media sites is certainly on the agenda as you get to communicate directly with the patients and potential customers. While your content has to be strong, simple and specific to your target audience, it also has to be convenient and therefore many prefer to utilize the power of videos to enhance their business. YouTube is the most effective visual tool available online that can help you to push your dental practice further upwards. As per the YouTube statistics, the site receives more than 800 million unique users per month. Another survey done by Google mentions that around 64% people across the globe use YouTube to find out more about new clinics, hospitals and medical centers while 56% users learn about new dental and medical procedures on the site. So, if you’re missing out on YouTube, you’re missing out on reaching large number of audience who have no idea about your dental practice. So, how do you harness the power of YouTube to build your dental practice?

Here are 5 effective ways to boost your dental practice through YouTube videos.

Create Your How-To Videos

Patient education has become an integral part of dental practice and therefore you must always focus on creating videos that will help your patients to help themselves. How-to videos are immensely popular on the internet and this will help you to start off well after you create your YouTube business profile. Create videos on simple topics like how to brush your teeth properly, how to floss correctly, how to check your toothbrush needs to be replaced. These topics are simple but it builds the interest of the viewer. You may also ask your staff on certain common questions on which you can create videos.

Resolve Doubts with FAQ Videos

Patients are always loaded with doubts and queries which they want to ask, but hesitate to ask. If you can make a list of frequently asked questions and create videos answering those it will provide a great lift to your dental practice as more viewers will consider visiting your clinic and will be of the opinion that you’re the right dentist for their dental problem. Keep the videos short and simple. You may jot down all the points you want to cover in the video and then create it.

Explain Procedures with Picture Slide Videos

YouTube videos in Power Point presentation format also work wonders for dental professionals and practitioners. You can talk about certain procedures and surgeries along with the pictures of the procedure that help patients to understand more about the new procedures and technology and how it will benefit them. You can incorporate the before and after pictures of the patient for the viewers so that they can see the difference and the effectiveness of the procedure.

Add Patient Video Testimonials to Your Channel

Testimonials can propel your dental practice in an immense way and therefore it would be recommended if you upload video testimonials of your patients. This is a user-created content and therefore it will be more valuable as your patients describe how complex their dental problem was and how you treated the problem professionally and about the entire experience of the procedure. Make sure that you have a written permission of the patient to be on a safer side.

Optimise Your Videos for Your Target Audience

The final masterstroke will be how you optimize different YouTube videos that you create on your channel. To make your videos work effectively, you need to focus on certain crucial aspects. Most important of all is that you keep your video short and crisp. You should always end your videos with a call to action and guide your audience what you want them to do. You can always ask them to visit your dental practice site for more details and provide annotation they can click. You must also provide the video a good title that entices them to click the video. Your videos must also have an attractive thumbnail to grab the attention of the audience. Last but not the least, always answer queries you might receive in the comments section to make it an interactive platform.

Now that you have done all this, go ahead and promote and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networking sites to boost the reach of the videos across the internet.


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