How to Ride the Consumer Culture Wave in Dentistry?

consumer culture dentistry

Believe it or not, but we live in the consumer-centric age. With the wide range of technology and options that we have the balance has shifted towards consumers who now have the power to decide what products and services they want. Internet has empowered millions across the world to get information and update their knowledge about products and services available in the market and which ones are best suited for them. Hence, consumers today are more knowledgeable and internet savvy than ever before and this shift of consumerism also implies to the medical and dental field.

In the dental industry, the patients are the new-age consumers and today they have the power of internet on their side to know what’s really wrong with their oral health, how they can resolve such issues and what kind of treatments are available in the market and at what price. Consumers also have the power to compare your dental services with others in your area which means your dental service is always on the radar and one wrong comment can impact your business. With so much information available to the consumers, how do you make sure that your business not only survives, but also thrives in this competitive environment?

Change in Your Mindset

Patients today are more demanding than ever and you must acknowledge that. While you might be offering wide range of dental services, but that alone is not enough. Patients today have multiple options and therefore you need to ensure that you provide your patients with something extra that they do not expect. The concept of going ‘an extra mile’ is going to help you to gain more customers and over a period of time win their trust to build long term relationships. Most patients today are on the internet and therefore you have to be on the same platform. Connect with your potential customers on social networking sites and communicate with them through your blogs and comments.  You should also come up with a well-designed, user-friendly website that clearly communicates your values and business mission statement which certainly sets you apart from the rest of the lot.

Educate, Don’t Dictate

Internet has shifted the way dental professionals interact with their patients. Most practitioners are aware that majority of their patients are internet savvy and that they take interest to learn more about their oral health concerns. Dentists today communicate with their patients and provide them with information, recommend the right treatment and its benefits rather than dictating them to get treated in a certain way.

 No More Clinics

Consumers today have a different mindset and therefore they hate visiting dental clinics to get their teeth checked. Practitioners today are focusing on creating a better environment for the patients and a better way to do that is to change the ambience of the clinic and turn it into a dental office. Incorporate office-like features to your clinic and you’ll see noticeable changes. Many practitioners have now come up with Wi-Fi enabled offices that also have TV monitors, a reception area, vending machines, comfortable seating area to make their consumers feel at home while they’re waiting for their turn.

Provide Effective Results

As a dental professional, it is also important that you understand what your target demographic wants. Understand what your consumers are looking for and what they expect from you. Meeting the ever growing expectations of the consumers requires you to enhance your skills and utilize state-of-the-art technology allowing your consumers to get quick results without compromising on the quality of service.

The consumerism shift is here to stay and therefore it is recommended that you adjust your mindset and actions accordingly to ensure that you make most of it. Embrace the digital environment and think differently to ensure that you deliver more than what the patients expect from you.


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