Top 5 False Expectations that Can Derail Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

social media campaign

Social media has become one of the most important marketing tools in today’s highly competitive digital media landscape. One of the most common questions that most dental professionals and practitioners ask is whether social media is good for the growth of their dental practice and how they should go about it. Well, like it or not, but millions of people around the world are on various social media platforms which means that potential patients are increasingly embracing social networks as integral part of their lives. Surveys conducted by independent survey companies have revealed that an average user spends 23% of the total online time on social networking. Independent dental practitioners therefore have clear advantage to grow their dental business online. With social networking, dental practitioners not only get higher online visibility, but also get the option to personalize their connection with potential clients and enhance personal & business image. However, registering on various social networking sites and posting business information alone will not do the trick. It could be that you’re already on multiple social media platforms, but so far nothing has worked the way you want it.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 false expectations that can derail your social media campaign.

It’s a Month Already

To be brutally honest, social media is not your traditional advertising platform that can provide you with instant results. It is a long term game and it takes time to establish the “face” of your business. Track your social media efforts, go through constant reevaluation, check the insights and results and wait for things to happen the way you want it. Keep participating in various conversations, comment and like content posted by others and be involved so that gradually you’re able to build a community that can uplift your practice. Don’t cut back or abandon your social media efforts halfway just because it didn’t give you results upfront.

No One Reads What I Post

Social media is all about interacting with the people, therefore the word ‘social’. If you’re posting your business and personal updates about your practice hours and your monthly special offers, chances are very few people will be interested in it. It also reflects an image that you’re here just to promote your business and whenever you’re posting about your business you’re telling them, ‘Hey, Checkout me’. To make sure that your audience reads your post you need to post relevant information that piques their interest, something that they want to hear, and not what you want to say. Use attention grabbing quotes and titles, keep it short and sweet, and be innovative. You can research on interesting stories related to the field of dentistry and try and come up with some relevant information that can get the attention of your audience. Remember that your audience is your existing and potential patients, and not your peers, so keep your content in sync with the preference of the audience. Don’t just focus on promoting your business, but instead build a community.

I Tried Everything, But Still Nothing Works

Okay! for a moment, let’s assume that you’re posting some genuinely relevant content which you think is in line with your target audience, but are you on the right social media platform? Every social media attracts a different kind of user. For instance, creative individuals that have a lot to show in images prefer Pinterest, while a lot of tech-savvy crowd is on Twitter. On Facebook you’ll find mothers and individuals who are seeking information, advice, recommendations from their friends and peers and trusted circles. If you’re sharing your valuable and relevant information on the wrong platform, it is very likely that you won’t get positive response. Research more about your target audience and find out which social media platform they prefer and strategize your social media efforts accordingly.

I Never Get More Likes on My Page

Expectations are good, but do not let it put you down. It is generally believed on social media that ‘More is Better’, but that is not completely true. Focus on getting genuine likes and appreciation and comments on your social media which is more important than anything else. It could be that your dental practice social media page may have less number of posts with less number of fans, shares and likes, but it is certainly better than any other page that has more number of posts, with more fans, but no shares and likes at all. Having less number of genuine engaged fans is better than having more number of passive fans that never interact at all. After all, quality beats quantity.

I Tried Paid Social Media Marketing, But It Didn’t Work Either

Millions across the world believe that paid social media marketing never fails, which is true, but it also depends on the options that you select while you’re signing and setting up your paid social media marketing campaign. A lot depends on the niche and other variables that you select during the set up process. If you’re not selecting the right niche and profession and other variables, it is likely that your paid social media marketing is not going to be as productive as you expect it to be.

To conclude, let’s put it this way: there is no sure way to success with social media marketing. However, the only way to let your dental practice grow through social media is to be yourself, provide a voice to your business and engage in a way which is comfortable to you. Choose meaningful interactions, share information related to your target audience gain insights from others and connect with your audience in an organic manner to gain their trust which will help your dental practice in the long run.


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