5 Reasons How Accreditation Helps Your Professional Dental Practice

accreditation dental

Rapid economical, social and technical changes taking place across the country does raise concerns for the quality in the health care sector. With the new technology and procedures, health care sector has to constantly update itself to keep up with the global medical developments. While some dental professionals do maintain high standards of treatment to boost their practice, others are not on the same page which eventually leads to imbalance of quality and safe practice in the dental segment. This is because there are no set protocols or administration standards that foster quality improvement of dental schools, clinics, hospitals and programmes across India. Dental accreditation has gradually gained importance in the country in the last few years to ensure patient safety and to improve the quality of care provided in any dental setting. While dental accreditation is beneficial to the patients, it also helps dental professionals to enhance their dental practice.

Here are the top 5 reasons how accreditation helps your professional dental practice:

Promote Safe & Quality Practice

Accrediting your dental practice means that you abide to certain set of rules and regulations designed for better patient safety and to improve the quality of dental service you provide. To get your dental practice accredited you need to follow certain procedures and parameters which are provided & regulated by the accreditation governing body. With accreditation, you build a culture of quality that ensures your customers that you’re the right dentist for their dental concerns.

Instill Confidence in Your Customers

Customers are always apprehensive to visit a dentist because of the preconceived notions they have. With accreditation, you can assure your customers of a high quality and safe dental service that would instill their confidence in your practice. This would gradually boost your practice offering you better business in the future. Patients can trust that they will receive quality and safe service for the money they are paying. Patients can also get better peace of mind as they are sure that the staff is educated and knowledgeable about implementation of dental systems.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Dental professionals need to comply with certain regulatory requirements while they practice. Accrediting your dental practice compels you to follow certain regulations to meet specific standards in terms of patient improvement and safety.

Reduce Dental Practice Risks

With accreditation, dental professionals follow certain regulations related to patient safety which helps in reducing risks in your dental practice. Following certain parameters and standards of practice leads to less chances of practice-based errors to safeguard practitioners from any kind of medical and legal action.

Effective Staff Management

Accreditation also improves the work culture in your clinic by improving staff morale. It contributes to good staff management relations which eventually affects the quality of dental service provided to the patient. Effective staff management also helps the practitioner to gradually improve business for a better professional career.

Accreditation is an indicator that the accredited dental clinic has achieved an appropriate level of proficiency and that it has reliable mechanisms in operation to continually improve the quality of services it delivers while assuring highest level of patient safety.


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