How to Maintain Good Oral Health during Pregnancy?

pregnancy and oral health

Pregnancy is one of the important phases in women’s life where there are many hormonal changes happening inside the body. While most women make sure that they take good care of their body, tending to teeth is not really on the list of concerns. The fact is that good dental care is essential during pregnancy, not just for the health of the mother, but for baby’s as well. Pregnant women are at higher risk for developing tooth decay and also particularly vulnerable to gum disease (gingivitis) and chronic bacterial disease that affect the gums, attachment fibers and bone supporting the teeth. The risk factor is higher for those who smoke, experience nutritional deficiencies or who visit less frequently to the dentists.

Many pregnancy women who take some oral contraceptives experience high level of hormone progesterone. This can lead to increased gum sensitivity to the bacteria found in plaque and may lead to gingivitis. Pregnant women also have increased desire for food and snacking which may lead to tooth decay. They also experience morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) which may leave stomach acids in the mouth. This acid can damage the surface of teeth and lead to tooth decay, if not cleared quickly through brushing. Hence, pregnant women have to ensure that they maintain good oral health to keep their health and their baby’s health safe.

Here are few tips on how to do that:

Practice Good Hygiene

Tooth decay and gum diseases can be kept at bay during pregnancy with better dental hygiene. Always keep your mouth clean, brush your teeth thoroughly and remove plaque. Floss your teeth regularly to keep the area between the teeth clean.

Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

During pregnancy, chances are that you will be attracted to junk food. However, you need to keep in mind that you eat nutritious food that can help you to stay well and keep your baby healthy. Your baby’s teeth begin to develop between the third and sixth month of pregnancy. Avoid foods that are sticky and contain lot of sugar as it may lead to tooth decay.

Stay Happy

It is also important that you stay fresh and happy that reflects in your body. Your mental state also affects your body and that can impact your oral health. Hence, it is important that you radiate good health and vitality by keeping your smile bright.

Visit Dentist Regularly

It is important that you do visit your dentist regularly before, during and after pregnancy as your dentist will be able to help you with any dental or oral problem. It is a good idea to inform your dentist that you’re pregnant, so that your dentist can decide the best dental procedure & medicines for you.


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