4 Handy Tips for Busy Moms to Maintain Good Oral Health

busy moms dental health

We usually use the term ‘busy moms’ for those who have to do a fine balance between their personal work and professional commitments, as if there are moms who aren’t busy and get lot of spare time from their routine motherhood duties. Mothers usually have to jump from one task to another and sadly they do not get any weekend breaks, as they have to constantly attend to the demands of the family. In all that chaos and hectic lifestyle, mothers forget to take care of their health which gradually can turn worse. Dental health is something that receives the least attention and most mothers are too busy to think about how their dental health will impact their overall health. Poor dental health not just impacts your health, but your confidence and comfort which is why you need to take care of your oral health.

Let’s talk about how busy mothers can take care of their oral health without putting brakes to their frantic schedule.

Drink Water at Regular Intervals

Staying hydrated is really important especially if you have a hectic schedule and the best way to do it is to drink water at regular intervals. Too much of work load can stress you out, drinking water can help you stay fresh and at the same time maintain good oral health. If you’re balancing between your personal and professional commitments, you can always keep water bottles handy to remind you to drink water. Water also rinses and removes any food particles stuck on your teeth and maintains the level of saliva in your mouth.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Busy moms often have limited time to eat and therefore they choose to snack frequently to control their hunger. However, snacking frequently can ruin your oral health as more food particles get stuck to the teeth. A better alternative is to have fruits and vegetables that can nourish your overall health and at the same time maintain good oral health. Fruits and veggies are packed with antioxidants that fight bacteria and gum diseases.

Take a Break

Juggling too many things at the same time can stress you out. Relax and you’ll be able to handle your tasks more efficiently than ever. During stress you subconsciously tend to grind your teeth or clench your jaw. Stress can also lead to mouth ulcers (canker sores). You may listen to music or take a bath or do yoga to calm your mental state.

Chew Gum

Sugar-free gum that contains xylitol helps in eliminating bacteria in the mouth. It is recommended that you chew sugar-free gums after meals that help you to remove food particles off your teeth. These gums also promote the flow of saliva in your mouth maintaining the overall oral health.

Mothers are always careful about the health of their kids and therefore they ensure that their kids never miss out their dental care appointments. Similarly, mothers also need to keep in mind their oral health is equally important to take care of their kids. Children learn from their parents and therefore as a mother you also need to set an example and preach them how to maintain good oral health. Visit your dentist regularly will also help you to keep your bright smile which is important to keep your family smiling.


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