Dental Sports Injuries: How Do You Eliminate or Reduce Such Injuries?

Dental Sports Injuries

Sports and games are integral part of our life. Today, many prefer to lead an active lifestyle that allows them to stay healthy and fit. A lot of people prefer to participate in sport events that allow them to be showcase their physical abilities. A dental injury from sports is fairly common, but people are serious about how they can eliminate it or at least deal with it in the right way. Outdoor games and sports like soccer, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, baseball and cricket can lead to dental sports injuries that can be corrected or reduced, if certain precautions or measures are taken. If you are into sports you can make use of these simple tips to eliminate or reduce dental sports injuries.

Wear Mouth Guards

Mouth guard is your first line of defense when you are participating in a sport that can lead to mouth injuries. Various players prefer to put on mouth guards that not just protect their teeth, but also the lips and the tongue. While there are affordable stock mouth guards that are readily available in the market, the best ones are those that have been custom-fitted by the dentist. If you are a professional player, wearing a custom mouth guard will allow you to prevent dental sports injuries, so that you can continue and focus on your game. However, mouth guards need care and cleaning for a lasting performance.

Wear Helmets

Certain sports like biking, hockey and skating require players to wear helmets that prevent from further head injuries. However, wearing helmet also protects the player from further dental injuries during sports. It also protects the player from concussions and other accidental impacts. Make sure that you’re wearing the right helmet in order to gain maximum protection and utility.

Appropriate First Aid Treatment

However, despite wearing the best quality mouth guards and helmets there are chances that you might suffer from mouth and dental injuries during sports. To reduce the damage you also need to be aware of certain first aid treatments that can help you to save your tooth.

Apply cold compress to the area, if there is a broken tooth or if you have accidentally bit your cheek or tongue or if there is any swelling.

If your tooth has been knocked out, hold it by the crown, rinse it with water and store it in a container filled with milk and visit your dentist immediately.

In case of jaw injury or fracture it is recommended that you visit your dentist at once to ensure proper treatment.

While many professionals and sporting companies take safety steps to ensure player’s safety, these cannot prevent dental sports injuries. Hence, players have to ensure that they concentrate on their game, have a clear vision and avoid any dental injuries that can lead to further trauma.


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