5 Effective Tips Snackers Should Not Miss Out

dental tips for snackers

Do you eat in-between meals? Hectic urban lifestyle has certainly influenced the way we eat, as many of us prefer to snack even while at work to save on time. On the other hand, some prefer to snack at night time when they are free while watching TV. Most people who are always on the move prefer to eat food items that they can eat on-the-go although they’re aware that it is not a healthy option. Eating frequently at irregular intervals not just impacts your health, but your mouth as well and therefore it is important to understand how frequent snacking can deteriorate your teeth over a period of time leading to many oral and dental problems. However, it is not realistic to eliminate snacks from your diet, at least not in one swoop.

If you love to eat in-between meals, or at wee hours in the night, here are 5 killer tips that you can use to maintain better teeth and gums.

Avoid Acid Erosion

Acid erosion can affect your dental health in a big way and therefore it is recommended that you avoid food and beverages that are acidic. Acid erosion usually takes place when you consume food or drink with a low PH level which lingers in your mouth gradually eroding the minerals and softening the surface of your teeth. Frequent munching and snacking can lead to more acid erosion which eventually damages the teeth and leads to increased sensitivity. If you’re hungry in between meals or at late night hours, snack with low acidic foods like yoghurt, cheese, nuts and seeds instead of drinking soft drinks and orange juice.

Limit Your Snack Frequency

Another way to keep your mouth healthy and away from acid attacks is to snack in a limited way. You can always fix certain hours when you snack and certain hours when you refrain yourself from munching on fast food. This will allow you to control the number of food items you eat and help you control your diet intake as well as ensure that your teeth and gums are in good shape.

Choose Nutritious Snacks

There are healthy snacks that offer you the great taste and you can prepare them with various combinations. Instead of choosing fast food items, you can choose from wide variety of fruits and vegetables that you can snack in-between meals. This will ensure that your overall health along with oral health is maintained.

Swap Sugar Drinks with Water

Sugary drinks and sodas are equally dangerous for your teeth and gums as sugar sticks to the surface of the teeth. Plaque bacteria use that sugar to produce acids that attack the tooth enamel. Soda drinks also dry out your mouth which it not good for overall oral health. Similarly, you also have to take care of your mouth while drinking sporty energy drink that at times have high amount of sugar. Drinking water not only keeps your body hydrated, but also washes away any sugar particles stuck to the surface of the teeth.

Use Meal Time for Sweets Consumption

Consuming sweets can impact your teeth in a bad way and therefore it is recommended that you consume sweets after meals. During meal hours, the saliva production in the mouth increases which helps to neutralize acid production in the mouth due to sweets and sugary food items. Eating sweets during or after meals can also help in rinsing the food particles from the surface of the teeth.

So, before you reach out for that next snack item make sure that you’re mindful about what kind of snack you’re consuming. Is it made from sugar? Is it a chewy snack that can stick to your teeth? Eat the right foods that can protect you from tooth decay and also offer better health. Indian Dental Association (IDA) has been on the forefront and is committed to public oral health as it is essential to general health and well-being.


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