5 Reasons Why Investing in Patient Education is Good for Your Dental Practice

patient education

Patients today are very particular about the kind of dental service and treatment they receive. To match up to the ever-growing expectations of the patients, dental professionals have to ensure that they communicate with their patients, allowing them to counteract patient attrition and generate revenue. Since there is very limited time to interact during the treatment, dental professionals have to think of innovative ways to keep their patients informed and aware of the dental problems they’re suffering. Patient education brochures, newsletters and postcards help dental professionals to bridge that communication gap and instill faith in the dental treatments and services they have to go through.

Here are 5 reasons why investing in patient education is good for your dental practice.

Improve Your Client Satisfaction Level

Most dental patients come to know about dental health options through someone else who has already had it done, or through dental websites. With patient education brochures and newsletters you send out information to your patients about the new services and treatments available. This increases the chances of patients coming to you asking more information about those services and even having those treatments done. It also instills their faith in your dental practice as you proactively provide them with alternative treatment options that they didn’t knew about. Customised dental patient education brochures can draw potential clients to your practice increasing your revenue in the near future.

Teach More in Less Time

One of the goals of patient education products is that they inform the patients about their own health. These brochures and newsletters come with images and content that allow patient to take care of themselves. Hence, patients know about the side-effects of their condition, diagnosis and possible treatment options. It becomes easier for dental professionals to deal with an informed patient since patients already know certain things about their condition and possible treatment. You can also make them aware of certain newer dental treatments without actually promoting it verbally.

Eliminate Patient Anxiety & Doubts

Various surveys and studies claim that almost 70% of the adult patients experience dental fear and around 10% adult patients prefer to visit dentists only when they have a dental emergency. This fear usually arises from the traumatic dental experiences that they had in the past, or from the stories that they hear about others who had bad experiences or have negative views of dentistry. With patient education, you can motivate the patients to know more about the dental treatments that they will undergo. It increases patient’s confidence while eliminating anxiety and doubts, if any. Patients who receive patient education content are well aware of what they should expect and have clarity about the entire treatment process.

Increase Your Practice Efficiency

Advances in technology have changed the way patients seek and use health information. It has empowered patients to take responsibility and actively participate in the treatment process. However, without guidance, patients can become confused, misinformed and overwhelmed. With patient information brochures, newsletters and postcards you can guide your patient in the right direction, thus saving time per patient during the treatment. With patient education products, you can provide patients with reference materials they can use to understand their conditions, diagnosis and treatment. Research studies claim that patients who received patient education content are less likely to call back or schedule follow-up visits to address their concerns allowing you to be more practice efficient.

Consistent & Clear Message

It is quite a challenge for dental professionals and staff to repeat and explain about different dental conditions and treatments over and over to so many patients. At times, patients may misunderstand the message which can lead to doubts. With patient education brochures and newsletters, you can send out a consistent and clear message to all your potential clients eliminating the risk of misunderstanding and doubt. It also eliminates the need of repetitive explanations and enables you to guide the patient in the right direction. Once the patient understands the problem and your recommended treatment plan it is likely that he or she will be enthusiastic and willing to move forward with the treatment plan.

Investing in patient education certainly benefits the patients as well as dental professionals as they can keep their patients informed and aware about their health and related treatment process in an informal way.


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    Patient education has been scientifically proven to help practices keep patients as well as help patients participate in the care process. The quality of the tool and the medium of the offering are the factors which help in achieving the desired results. PEAS offers the very best in class Patient Education Kits for Dentists which have been proven to be more effective than peer products.


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