5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your Dental Practice Website

Dental Website Mistakes

Are you unhappy with the poor response on your dental practice website? Marketing your dental practice, besides handling your practice can be frustrating. Marketing has become a vital tool for professionals across the globe to reach out to the larger audience that can eventually help them to build a successful career. Dental professionals often feel the need to spread the word about their practice that would allow them to get better business. However, they often feel left out as they do not have the marketing expertise or information required to do the same. Creating a website sounds like an easy option to reach out to the public in a digital age, but it takes more than that to make a website successful. Not all websites have a higher page rank which means that dental professionals miss out on the benefits that they should get through their business website. There are certain factors that dental professionals miss out on which leads to poor online traffic.

Here we take a quick look at top 5 common website mistakes that dental professionals make and how they can improvise it to get better results.

Poor Website Design & Navigation

Take a look at some of the top websites on the internet and you will instantly find that they are designed to make the entire site navigation experience simple and fast. How you design your dental practice website does matter and therefore you need to pay attention to it. Keep the content short and crisp. Choose the right colour scheme, instead of opting for flashy bright colours. The font size should be legible and the navigation should be easy. If you’re providing multiple dental services, you can use the menu bar to segregate the information, allowing the readers to read information without browsing multiple pages. Poor navigation sends visitors into uncharted territories and leads to poor site optimization that impacts your page rankings negatively.

Poor Home Page

A home page is like a store front window and therefore it is the most viewed section of your dental practice website. According to the report by Reuters.com, home page of the website commands 79% of the online traffic. If you’re not designing your website home page correctly, you’re losing out a large percentage of your potential customers. When creating a business website home page eliminate the fluff and speak to your target audience in the language they understand. Use professional images that resonate with the customers and bring value to your business. Nail your value proposition, so that prospects choose to stay on your website, rather than navigating to your competitor’s website.

No Call-to-Action

Once the prospects are on your dental practice website, you need to effectively guide them to the next logical step and that is where the call-to-action or CTA comes in. As a dental professional, you want the visitors to explore the services you provide and dig deeper into the website. Effective call to actions help them what to do next in a non-aggressive way. Words like ‘Schedule a Demo’, ‘Request an Appointment’, ‘Give Us a Call’, ‘Find Your Answers Here ’, ‘Visit Today’ and ‘Learn More’ are some examples of effective CTAs that one should use. However, make sure that you don’t use dental jargon like ‘Schedule your subgingival scaling today’, which will confuse your customers. On the other hand, don’t use too many CTAs at the same time. Use colours that contrast with your branding, so that your CTA stands out.

No Videos

A video can make a lasting impact on the minds of your potential customers. It is a powerful tool when used in the right way. Using a video on your dental practice website turns your boring static website into a dynamic and interactive portal where you can explain who you are, what you do, what services you offer and how they benefit the customers. You can also show certain how-to videos, share your expertise and drive traffic to your site through the right content. Most dental professionals do not utilize the power of videos on their site losing out their potential customers.

No Updates

Consistently updating your practice website is another way to keep stay ahead of the competition. Websites that attract more traffic keep churning out fresh content that adds value to the site. Users expect to see something new every time they visit the website, and give them a reason to return for more. However, dental professionals are not sure how often they should update their website. There is no fix time for it, but whenever you have some new information for your potential customers add it to the site and it will bring value to your dental practice website. Updating your site also improves the site ranking and allows you to gauge what works and does not work with the audience.

While there are no hard and fast rules for creating a practice website, dental professionals must keep in mind the site must not just promote their services, but also educate, improve the image of the practice and build lasting credibility.


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